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Have kept the TV off for most of the past 2 days; the ‘news’ has continued to waste much air time trying to provide ‘in-depth’ information, but actually providing very little of anything. Personally, I could care less if a post-mortem photograph is published or not, in fact I wonder if those who clamor for ‘proof’ realize they are but a half a step from their medieval forebears who put the head of the executed on a pike in London and distributed the rest of the body parts to the 4 corners of the realm.

Got turned down for another J-E review project, in Michigan, which would have been better in a sense in that lodging there is infinitely cheaper than NYC (no duh) meaning more take home pay.  But while the contractor wanted me on, Large International Automobile Manufacturer #1 reared its head again and said I was not to be on this project.  Wife unit was beside herself with anger.  Could be just common policy that no former employee can be on any legal document review for any company.  Given that litigation will now go forward, seems Large International Automobile Manufacturer #1 will need all the help it can get/hire.

There are a couple of other projects in the works; one in NYC and another here in DC.  Followed up yesterday and learned both projects are treading water.

Health too is on the mind, more specifically, my latest PSA test results.  Before I left for NYC, there was a voice message from my urologist and from the tone, it was evident it was not routine.  Seems, my latest test has put it past the value of 1 and we are to draw more blood later this month to see if the results are the same, of if the PSA levels drop.  My 93-year old aunt, also a doctor (yep still has her medical license)  tells me the values are still within an acceptable range.  But given me father’s side of the family’s medical history, for all males that is, I guess my urologist is being proactive and prudent.  Still, if the PSA results are still high, I am not looking forward to a biopsy down where it will be done.

Son’s freshman year  is nigh over; he has though no job (at this point) for the summer. Aso see financial aid for the coming academic year is much  less, part of which is that federal $$$ has dried up I was told.

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4 Responses to On The Mind

  1. mizunogirl says:

    Best wishes with the PSA. and with the financial aide. Hopefully Son will figure out what type of job he can have over the summer, maybe paintball ref again?

    I’m surprised he didnt want to stay up intown and work on campus or some such, but then again, you did say it was sort on in the middle of nowhere right?

    • Thanks for the wishes on the PSA, but I am in some ways resigned to it all; ALL male members of my father’s side to date have had prostrate issues and early detection can put it behind me quickly.

      Yep, where son is, Ada, Ohio is about a pretty much in the middle of nowhere as one would care to get. No much in the way of summer employment.

  2. Knocking on wood in hopes that good news are forecoming and I agree wholeheartedly with your analysis of the Osama thing.

    As much a symbol as he was of this whole mess, his death doesn’t magically wish away all the lingering problems in Iraq, Afghanistan and the rest.

    • No, his deserved departure from the earth doesn’t. And from the continuing baying from some quarters on ‘show me the photos’, makes me believe these people are more interested in blood lust than ‘proof’.

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