NYC Revisted

Did lots and lots  of walking yesterday; from Penn to the Javits Center, to W 51st and 6th (McCormick & Schmicks -still had an unused gift card) and then to an interview  with a Japanese recruiter on 40th and Park. Yes, there were/are other options available, but feel that taking them and forgoing walking, is like skipping an interesting party; starting in my case with 3 of NYPD’s finest frog-marching a loudly protesting man through the LIRR portion of Penn Station as I was walking out.

Also thought I’d get in the NYC Auto show in the bargain. Yesterday was Career day at the Auto Show- for  kids entering vocational schools.  Talk about feeling awkward, but hey, I got into the show at the student discount price. 

Walked around for about an hour and a half.  Large International Automobile Manufacturer #1’s exhibit was surprisingly sparse.  Most of those there when I was there were clustered around the its ‘hip’ offshoot exhibition. Have to admit the paint job on the concept vehicle was awesome. Also saw the uber  sports car, on a rotating table with the the driver’s side door open. Funny, but the only thing I could think of was a visual of some tart, lifting her skirt up a bit for a bunch of testosterone-challenged boys, saying, ‘Look, but you won’t touch. Or as Bruce Springsteen put it in a song, “It didn’t make me excited, it only made me feel mean”.

Large  International Automobile Manufacturer #2’s  display was down in a poorly lit section the bargain basement. What surprised me the most was that so save on development costs, it has pretty much commonized climate control/audio interior design.  The doors on  its crossover sounded tinny when I closed them. Whew! Holy downward spiral, Batman.

Ford had put up a slot car racing track to help bring people in.  Is that the best they can do?  Hell, I haven’t seen a slot car racing track since I was in junior high school- and I am not telling you when that was. 

Later on,  on the way to the recruiter, I ran into a woman, Japanese, who was on the last project I was on, of all the people in Manhattan. She assumed I was on the  project she is now on, told her ‘no’ as there appeared to be conflict. She smiled and said I probably know too much.  If I knew too much I replied, I’d be doing dispositions instead of document reviews.

The interview was Ok I suppose, though I found it odd to be asked to answer questions I had answered during the phone interview (ah, didn’t you take notes?).  had to get a security card to pass through wickets and then on to the elevators.  For some reason I remembered Plato and his Golden Rope of the Law and that by surrendering freedoms  mankind becomes freer?

Have a note from son’s college that his freshman year is pretty much over.  As far as I know, he still has no summer job.  Honda, which is nearby, does offer summer jobs, but like other OEM’s I’ve looked into, it only wants juniors or seniors, not rising sophomores.  Also saw son had replaced his Facebook profile picture with something that is way below the maturity level for a guy his age and told him so with a warning an employer will check what you have on-line and that what he put as his profile pic, would turn a respectable employer off.  Wife unit told me last night the profile pic is now different.  Guess he does listen to his old man- occasionally, which I hope is the case with the newspaper article I sent about  a horrible accident in Prince William County last week.  Son & I both know the road where it happened and he has worked with kids who go to the high school.  Told him this is the reason parents tell their children to be careful when they take the wheel of a car

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2 Responses to NYC Revisted

  1. mizunogirl says:

    Are you still in NYC? There used to be…still is? an really fun Italian bakery across from Penn station, D’auitos or something like that. I loved to go in there just to watch them wrap up my stuff in the white box and pull the string from this contraption in the ceiling….

    • No, back home. It was a one day trip. Italian bakery across from Penn? Not that I can think of, but then I’ve only explored the area north and east of the station. Will keep it mind for if I am up there again. Thanks.

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