NYC next Week? Nope, Guess Not

Went to the Eastern Shore  of Maryland yesterday to tend to the graves of an aunt I was close to, her husband and assorted relatives nearby by; had meant to do it  before and as Easter approaches. The graves haven’t been tended to for a while as I suspected.  Also discovered, as I suspected, hunters have used my land without permission. Have to think of what, if anything, I can do about that.

Been 4 years since I’ve been there and there were changes. One a new and decent coffee shop in a town called Princess Anne, which had the WaPo for sale.  Remarked that things are really getting gentrified when the WaPo is there.  Turns out the girl behind the counter, a student from UMES, was from the Hamptons on Long Island.  Go figure.

Anyway, we come back at 10:00 or so,I  look at e-mail and there’s a message from the person who hooked me up with the NYC gig I was SUPPOSED to be starting next week. Informed I am not to work on this project now as even though I was told earlier, I had cleared conflict review, someone at the client  directed I was NOT to  be on this project. 

Foolish,  as for me its just another gig and if I want to do more of such, the past is irrelevant, I am there to do a job.  Guess I should take some comfort that I am perhaps more feared than loathed in some quarters.

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3 Responses to NYC next Week? Nope, Guess Not

  1. mizunogirl says:

    Does this free you up to do the other job that is closer to home? Hope so.

    Sounds like a difficult sort of mess….all the conflict issues and such.

    As far as hunters and your land…my parents in Pennsy go through this all the time. Thy own too much land to “patrol” and so they have pretty much given up, though they do post no hunting signs and it is very obvious. My Dad wears a bright orange hunters hat in the season…to avoid being shot at!

    • Yeah with me in VA and the land on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, I too realize there’s littel I can do to patrol either, sort of plunking a small trailre there and statying there throughout hunting season.
      Theer is one thing I do intend to do and that is once this rain stops, to venture in with tools, and destroy whatever structures these poachers have put up.

      Your father is very wise; I’ve heard stories about the mightly male hunter with a rifle way too powerful for the task, tromping in the woods and shooting at whatever he sees or hears.

  2. Being hated by our bosses is an inconvenience as odds are they still need you. Fear brings the irrational in them.

    Hope that this door closing means a much better opportunity for you!

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