In a New York Frame of Mind?

Opened the e-mail this morning to see a place in NYC wants me for a different J-E document review starting next Wednesday.  I also have an interview for perhaps a yet another J-E document review here, for tomorrow.

Have replied to the NYC place that I am interested , but need some questions answered; one of which is compensation.  It’s not bad, but I will need of course to pay for lodging there and second, given the subject matter, there’s a better than even chance I will personally know some of the people, whose names are on these documents; -i.e., I bring more to the table than others.

The NYC project I was told , will be a long-term one, 6 months. A long time to be away from home, but also 6 months of income. The DC project may be of much shorter length but it also will be better compensated per hour and I can commute from home. 

So these I must balance out. and make a decision.

Of course all this is moot if I am called for an interview for a real job and am made a real job offer.

Had an odd moment the last couple of days;  heard the school bus pass by the front of the house in the afternoon, as it always does, and thought for a second that son would be walking through the door soon.  Of course he wouldn’t be.

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2 Responses to In a New York Frame of Mind?

  1. mizunogirl says:

    Great to have Options!!!

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