Gas Pain

One good thing I found about New Jersey was gasoline was about 40 to 50 cents per gallon cheaper than what the market  price is here!  And you don’t even (can’t really) have to pump your own gas at fill up.

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5 Responses to Gas Pain

  1. Well, that’s interesting and more interesting if we knew what your local prices are! Oregon bans drivers (including motorcyclists) from pumping their own gas. After years of hopping in and out of cars at self-pump stations, it’s a strange feeling to sit there. Doing nothing!

  2. I filled up in NJ for $3.32 a gallon for regular.

  3. Thanks for putting those prices into context. NJ prices are also about 40 cents less than the *cheapest* gas in my neighborhood (Costco’s). Steer clear of California, where in some places it’s $4.89/gal.

  4. mizunogirl says:

    I am so so happy that I got a Hybrid. at the time gas was down in the 2.00 a gallon and I thought well….but now…Whew. I find its still expensive to fill up!!!

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