Feeling Much Better

Feel much, much better and rested now.  Learned from a person I met while doing time in the Gulag, the project at That Firm closed yesterday, contrary to the repeated assurances of my hiring agent it would run until the end of April.  Was also told one of the women (Japanese) who too was a Gulag inmate, chose to wear a kimono on the last day.  What in hell for I asked myself.  I wouldn’t have bothered to have worn a three-week old, unwashed   紅いふんどし had it been my last day at the Gulag.

 Odd though, I may find myself in NYC on another project, one I am told is much different for the Gulag and closer to my own background and experience.  Its also a 6-month deal.

 Have constantly compared the NYC area with the Washington DC metro area and from this admittedly limited experience, see the following.



Its theater & money and displays of such are very very outward Politics, period. It defines who you are, your circle of friend s and professional relationships.  Money is there, but ostentatious displays are I think, frowned upon.
Very international. Walking along the streets one can listen to a number of foreign languages in a given day.  Far better Japanese food and services than DC can ever hope to have. Well,  DC does try.
A very tall city with lots of interesting architecture, but at the same time with limited visual -and I think that leads to limited intellectual horizons. DC is a low city by design, thus there is much more light and perhaps its relative lowness and greater brightness promotes a bit more outward (not necessarily correct) thinking.
Was told a number of times by those who live/work in NYC how wonder the DC metro is, so clean and so efficient. If the DC Metro is a paragon of an urban transportation system, then I am very glad I did not use the NYC subways.
Was impressed by the ease in which one can get into the city by rail.  Rail?   What rail?
Toll roads abound, even I-95 through NJ is toll. The roads may be clogged, but at least they’re not tolled.
NJ does for a stretch of I-95 make large trucks and buses travel on a separate lanes Sure wish there was such here.
Strange Blue laws; couldn’t buy a rice cooker on Sunday due to What’s a Blue Law?
Can’t buy beer, wine at a grocery store, and what is available at a liquor store is far less in variety Glad I can do such here.
Very much like Tokyo in a way.  Those who live in NYC like their counterparts in Tokyo, seem to stay more or less in the areas they live in and not venture out that often Think we here are much, much more mobile.
Am in awe in the amount of food this city consumes in a single day and wonder how its done Sure there’s similar here, but I can’t see it anywhere on the scale of NYC
Very, very car unfriendly  Hard to live here without one.


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