Am back and instead of a freeway and barren marshland to greet me in the morning, I see this.

The ride back was uneventful though I chose to keep the highway robber barons  (Toll plazas) from getting anymore of my money by ditching I-95 for 301 south  across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge and to home. Probably avoided large amounts of traffic around Baltimore in the bargain.

Have a mail awaiting for me from the company that sent me up to This Firm which I will open later.  I am sure they are unhappy with me, but I had to do what I had to do and don’t regret it.  If it costs me work with them in the future, so be it  I at least could not deal with the mandatory work hours ( 10 hours a day six days a week one 30 minute break a day. Come to think of it, can they legally do this?)and would have still been there had I been allowed to do my OT in amounts I felt I could reasonably do.  Our treatment at This Firm was another thing.  We were reminded more than once we were highly paid (yes, the salary ranges are probably from $40 to $90 and hour) professional and should act as such.  That’s a two-way street  and I saw none such.  Instead we were treated little better than 幼稚園生.  From my rather unpleasant experience with This Firm, I would counsel someone considering joining a future document review project with them to consider  things very, very carefully before signing onboard The Bounty.

But all that is moot as I am told the project at This Firm will end next week.  and I would have been heading home anyway,  much more burnt out probably too.

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6 Responses to Whew!

  1. I could teach you a few things about manning up in really crappy and abusive work environments! But I won’t. Instead, having worked in the recent past in a warehouse with a similar schedule (11 hours a day with a 30-minute lunch and two 15-minute breaks TIMED TO THE SECOND), I can say that yes, it’s legal. U.S. employers pushin’ the slaves are typically careful about these matters so to prevent legal action by disgruntled employees.
    BTW, you were far better paid for that unhappy experience than I (about $9 an hour) so count yourself fortunate!

    • Whether its $9 an hour or $90 per hour, abusive employment is abusive employment and one either decides to ‘take it’ and suffer or decides that there is some beyond and walks away. ‘Manning up’ is irrelevant.

  2. And if there is no work beyond? And/or no work beyond and a family to feed? {And yes, manning up is relevant.}

    • There is always something else , and I’d rather do that than ‘man up’ and suffer.
      And if your Japanese language abilities are what I suppose they are, I am sure there are J-E legal review gigs on the West coast (know of one in SF) which you could join and understand a bit more of the work and if unfortunate enough to land in a project run by a legal sweat shop, then I think you’ll get a very clear idea of what I have written about.

      Again, 9 cents an hour, $9 an hour or $90 an hour an abusive worksite is an abusive worksite. Period.

  3. Aussie Emjay says:

    Welcome home. I was just saying to the manservant this morning it will only be a week or two before the lawn mowing starts again!

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