Its Over

The trains were a half hour delayed into NYC, heard that and just said F- it all.  I am dog tired of working lockstep and under conditions that aren’t even less  than idea, and being treated little better that a turn of the Century (19th Century) laborer.

My employment agent is not happy about this I am sure, but I  have reached my physical and mental limits and can do no more.  Feelings of guilt of course, but I don;t think I wold ben in the situation I am in now had I been free to choose how long I would work past 40 hours a week. At This Firm, that was not the choice and that is what has worn  me out.

So I wait for a call from my employment agent this afternoon as I am not supposed to go back once I say I am done and I do have 2 dictionaries that are mine there.  Plan to head home either this evening or if its too late, tomorrow.

I am done with this.

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2 Responses to Its Over

  1. Aussie Emjay says:

    I hope you get your dictionaries back!

  2. And This Firm will want its security pass back.

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