I Believe I Hit The Wall Yesterday

Went to work, but could not finish out the day.  After 3 hours or so, I was looking at yet another horrible machine translated document and he Japanese, which was no more complex or difficult than what I have dealt with thus far, just didn’t make any sense, no matter how many time I went over it. The head started to feel very light too.

Called my agent and was told to go home and she’d talk to those at This Firm who she deals with.   Went back to the lodging and generally slept on and off  for the past 18 hours.

Why is the question I’ve asked myself. 

Factor one:  working 10 hours a day 6 days a week for the past 4 weeks

Factor two: Pressure felt from trying to render English mishmash into something resembling the original language and deal with daily output quotas set by the supervising attny’s at This Firm who are no idea/ have chosen to ignore of  the mess they’ve created by going on the cheap with the machine translation.

Pressure too, and which I thought I could ignore, from those around me talking about how many documents they are putting out for This Firm.

Factor three: The work environment. Only a 30 minute break allowed and no space  or place to take a mini break for a mental diversion.

Factor 4: the long hours. At The Firm in DC, we were first free to work as long as we wanted to so long as a minimum 8-hour day was met. And there was a OT limit of 50 hours.  At This Firm, there is no choice as to how long one works, you do a 10 or 10.5 hour day each day for 6  or now 7 days.

E-mailed the agent this morning to tell her I need to take another day off and if This Firm has an issue with that, I’ll be happy to collect the personal items I have left at This Firm and to part ways.

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6 Responses to I Believe I Hit The Wall Yesterday

  1. I hear you. As clear case of GIGO (garbage in – garbage out) as I have ever heard. The mind can only take so much, especially if the work environment is set against something that cannot make sense to one’s self…

    Hope you find something closer to your mindset.

  2. Thanks. Am guess you too do translating?

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