Are You Having Technical Isuses?

Is what I was asked yesterday afternoon by This Firm’s project manager. 

I wasn’t.  My output was choked back by an 11-page document, machine “translated”  into gibberish, and me spending much time trying to make it right on a very user unfriendly program,  Was told I need to step things up considerably as there is a hard deadline, now but 2  week’s and change away.

Had a frustrating discussion over the quality of the “translation”  and the need to have it rendered into something comprehensible. So now unless there is something truly awful, like rendering a family names as ‘rough wood’, I’m ging to let it slide.

But I am ready to walk away from this.  The work demands are insane, and I am not afraid of working had, and This Firm has gone out of its way to provide disincentives to work hard, me included.  The most  egregious for me were being yelled at for coming up to the floor too early, even though I did so as I had to use the men’s room, and would need to find some other place to attend to my bodily needs. Also being yelled at for staying in the building lobby until it was time to go up, and being shooed outside in near 32 degree temps and again told to find someplace else to keep out of the cold. 

Others supposedly have been nickeled and dimed over a minute’s difference in recorded time.  The only thing that keeps me from walking away from This Firm is that my employment agent will look bad, and that will hurt me in the end.  But should I still be doing this work, I will not accept work on another project at This Firm.

There are compensations. Broke my watch wristband and decided to go to Macy’s to see if they had a replacement.  They didn’t but the NYC Macy’s is sure a far cry from what you go to in the malls.   It has a flower show, an annual thing I guess, running and the first floor is covered with every sort of flower arrangement you can think of and quite the floor traffic too as you might imagine. They’ve even kept the old wooden escalators. That put me in a better frame of mind.  Need to get some pictures for this blog

Raining today, which is  good, considering snow was forecast.

Off soon to the gulag.

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5 Responses to Are You Having Technical Isuses?

  1. Aussie Emjay says:

    I used to work for a quasi-Government company and the floor was not accessible until 15 minutes before official start time – 8.30am for an 8.45am start. Those were the days of signing in an Attendance Book. At exactly 8.48am the Finance Manager would draw a thick red line across the page so that anyone late by more than 3 minutes was forced to sign below it. All breaks were meticulously timed too. It was such a draconian atmosphere I was so happy to move jobs!

    • I know a line has to be drawn somewhere, but the issue I have (and would have in the workplace you describe) is that just becasue we are being $$$$ compensated, doesn’t mean we can also be treated like farm livestock. But ay least I can/will walk away from this, more than I can say for the lawyers at This Firm.

  2. mizunogirl says:

    It sounds horrible! I am sorry you are having to work this way. Seems like more than a few of these guys need some “management school” good luck!!! and I am glad you enjoyed the Macy’s trip, sounds fun!

    • Yeah as said if you want people to work less hard, treat them like crap. Hope to take a few vid shots with the limted vid function this low-end cam I have has, of the Macy’s flower show to post on the blog.

  3. “if you want people to work less hard, treat them like crap.” – Speaking for myself, that doesn’t apply. I’ve been beaten, battered and abused and I’ll still give 1,000% if there’s work to do. My work ethics are impeccable come hell or high water.

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