It Gets Worse

Could it?

Yep.  First after the supervising  attnys and the project manager spend a couple hours the yesterday afternoon before last within earshot of some of us, we al are told that from this coming Sunday we are expected to work 7 days a week  instead of the 6  we must now out in and 10.5 hours a day instead of the 10 (with just one 30 minute break) we must do now.

Yesterday was different. Much time was spent in conference calls and I sensed quiet, desperate panic as  perhaps they and This Firm only now  realize they have a huge problem.

The translation is a quagmire.  As I said in the last post, its so bad what has been marked form translation must be done all over again and some documents are very long. Further as there was no on-going QC done in the first phase of he project by This Firm  some of us see, and are expected to translate documents having no bearing on the issue at hand.

So there’s a hard deadline coming up in a couple weeks  and I see a huge train wreck coming from this flustercuck.  As for me working on Sundays spoke to my agent to say I do no intend to  even if the money is good.  Told to speak to the project manager, will do and if told to pack it, that’s just fine with me, NYC is interesting but This Firm is not a nice place, not even an indifferent place, its a soulless, uncaring and cold place and I am more than ready to go home if told to do so.

But what is really sad is the client who in the end pays for all of this, may not know what is going on or how much $$$$ is going down this rat hole.

Today's Lunch

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