There’s Translation and Then There’s Garbage

Work has entered a new phase, most of us now review machine-generated English translations of Japanese text deemed necessary to be put into English.

I know machine translation has come a long way and it still has far to go, but what we all are reviewing is beyond ridiculous, headed to truly bizzare.  I can’t illustrate this properly as I have figured out how to enable the Japanese language function on the laptop, but trust me, its horrid.

Names have been mangled, the program won’t recognize hard carriage returns and instead starts a new sentence at each one, can’t even translate the word  for ‘today’ which it spit ut as ‘book day’.  And we have to try to clean it all up to some reasonable semblance of English language.

It can be amusing, but when you get down to it, its damned irritating and I wonder why on earth this vendor was selected, and why a trial run wasn’t done first to see what kinks there were and an attempt made to fix them.

Rumors about that the job we are on will end earlier than expected.  For a number of reasons, that would suit me just fine, even if it means me returning to unemployment.

Off to join the mad torrent of NYC commuting humanity.

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4 Responses to There’s Translation and Then There’s Garbage

  1. Having worked plenty with Japanese-English translations, I can well imagine the pile of crap. My sympathy.

    • Today was even worse, like being in some surealist play. Those in charge felt I guess all that is needed is to polish up the machine translation results- no way, no how can that be donne, meaning looking at the source text and doing it over. AND there’s an agressive daily output expected.

  2. This doesn’t seem optimal. It must feel like trying to open a box with oven mitts.

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