Climbing Stairs with 30 Pound Bags of Salt on my Legs and a Cranky Baby Tied to my Back

Is what I felt like yesterday.

The initial document review is over and we are in 2 groups, one, that includes me, is ging over documents marked for technical issues, like hidden data.  The other is reviewing machine translation of documents.  Neither  task is   appealing, but at least the machine translation, as horrible as it is, does provide light moments, such as translating a man’s name into English as ‘boar crotch’.

All this means most likely the project will not run as long as thought which is good as I can go home early.  did hear of another J-E review ramping up way downtown and running for 6 months. Now the $150 per hour  question is do I want to stay here  that long, even if its income? 

Would like to see a play. There’s one called “Wicked’ about the 2 witches of Oz before Dorothy came plopping down, that is supposed to be good.  Like the poster very much and might buy it

More work today, yes I know its Saturday.  Need to food shop badly. There were more trailers on Times Square last might for a movie shoot.  Saw   names, one, some dude named Rice, and another, Dianne Michelle (?) on 2 of the trailers.  Don’t know who they are.

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4 Responses to Climbing Stairs with 30 Pound Bags of Salt on my Legs and a Cranky Baby Tied to my Back

  1. Aussie Emjay says:

    I took my daughter to Wicked a few years ago when it was here at the Kennedy Center – really enjoyed it. (I think it’s coming back here this year – but the tix are sure to be more expensive now!)

  2. Anything in NYC is more expensive 😉

  3. mizunogirl says:

    Wicked is Great! I read the book and may go to the Musical as it is in Orlando right now too.

    Work sounds horrible. all except for the Mr. Boar Crotch moment.
    Poor guy.

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