Spring Time?

Woke up to this yesterday morning and more of the same this morning.

Rumors are swirling about as rumors usually do in a large group of otherwise bored humans that this project will end very early. There is an absolutely drop dead  deadline in a couple of weeks. Rumors are like hangnails, they are always with us.   But should that happen, it’d be great to get back home, but it would also mean $$$-wise it was not worth it to come up here, and of course I’m out of work again.

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3 Responses to Spring Time?

  1. “Rumors are like hangnails…” You’re right, although myself I find them more like that one spot on you’re body you can’t quite reach and which is itching like crazy…

  2. Aussie Emjay says:

    This might be DC tomorrow …. I really like the atmosphere in the photo.

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