NYC, Through My Eyes

Nothing remarkable at the worksite, and even if there was, can’t speak about it.  One of the many people who were on the DC J-E  document review remarked to me about how strictly we all are monitored.

Soooo  I suppose it might, or might not be of interest to show you what I see  as I go to the worksite.  It all starts with a wait for the hotel shuttle.

The Chariot Awaits

Then a wait for the trains, which are frequent in the morning  at Secaucus Station.

After a 10 minute train ride and navigating underground through Penn Station, turn right and see.

Then this,

And near the WSJ building a counterpoint to the sign at Penn Station, 

And finally before  I turn to enter the street to the worksite…


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One Response to NYC, Through My Eyes

  1. Aussie Emjay says:

    I’m actually pretty envious as I love NYC. I don’t think I could take the pace of living there fulltime but a stint there would be fun.

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