The laptop FINALLY arrived yesterday and I have set it up save for the language option (Japanese input)

 No much to say about what has happened and still is happening in Japan; simply beyond words. Fortunately those who I know there, much farther south, are ok, but even for them things do not seem to be good. On one blog I occasionally look in on, written by an American in Kyoto, posted this about U.S. media coverage of the disaster.

 On to other things.  I am in NJ and working in Manhattan on a J-E legal review project.  Its called Secaucus,

 (derived from an Indian word meaning place of snakes) NJ and outside of being an armpit of a place, I’ve got a fairly easy commute into Manhattan and then a short walk. Manhattan would be nice but its is what it is and rent or whatever would have been far more than I am spending here for this humble place.

Be it Ever


There's No Place Lole Extended Stay

What about NYC?  Its different for sure.  Just from a week’s stay, I think one of the first things that strike is that there is a never ending stimulation of sight sounds and smells, perhaps why NYers are so irritable? NYC is money, deals and theater of all sorts, Washington DC is politics, even when it comes to your friends. 

Its crowded (no duh) and am reminded much of life in a large Japanese city when navigating the crowd.  Haven’t taken the subways yet as there’s not need to once I arrive.  I did on one of my days off walk from Penn Station to the World Trade Center site, a long walk but taking he subway would have deprived me of seeing what NYC is like up front and personal.

Can understand why NYers are not fond of tourists, they clog the sidewalks gawking and ask directions after directions.  So far I have found NYC not that hard to navigate its all pretty   straightforward. Its also on contrasts, like building architecture. Much old heritage architecture I guess you’d call it, alongside more contemporary stuff which seems a bit disjoined.

But its time to put this entry to bed and me shortly behind it.

The Evil Empire is Never But a Block or Two Away

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3 Responses to Connected!

  1. Interesting link about the media’s role.
    Hope you like New York. If I’m lucky (or my trip out West fizzles out), I’ll probably spend a few days next summer over there next summer, clogging the sidewalks. 🙂

  2. There is much to like about NYC, certainly much more anything goes and in that respect, more open than DC, but calling it home………

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