Disconnected Thoughts

The first thing is that for a while I will be in NYC for another J-E legal review, until the end of April I am told. Have no idea who the client is, nor does the company who will send be to Manhattan to work.  Will be in NJ as housing on Manhattan is just, so damned expensive.  Am told I’ll have easy access to the Island from where I’ll be staying. We’ll see. Wife unit does not like the idea of being by herself for  that long, but hey, I’ve got to bring in some $$$ and unfortunately within a commute here is not happening now.  Was told of some J-E legal review projects here, applied but was told there was conflict with the work I had done and thus I could not be used.

 Had to take a multiple choise Japanese reading comprehension test and then an English reading comprehension test.  The English test was a translation of the japanese test, or was it the Japanese test was a translation of the English test.  I try not to confuse myself with things such as this.

An interesting sidelight to his is that usually barred attorneys only do this work, but the number of barred attorneys who can reasonably speak and read Japanese, is well, not that great in number……  thus I and others like me.

Son was here and now gone for spring break.  Noticed on his Facebook page we wrote about the filet of beef dinner with red wine he had; that must mean he’s really sick of cafeteria food.

Had my year ‘warranty’ check up with the urologist last week and the PSA results  came back- elevated (1.7). So I am to see the Dr. in May for more blood work and hopefully nothing more.  There are many ways to leave this world, and after seeing what my father went through in his battle, following in his footsteps so to speak is not a fate I would want.

Witnessed something interesting at the Caribou Coffee on M street.  A young couple came in with a boy, maybe 6 or 7 who started fidgeting, the manager assuming the boy needed to make a bee line to the men’s room, said, ‘Son, its over there’.  The mother quickly replied, ‘He doesn’t speak English, only German.”

The mother & father spoke English smoothly with no trace of an accent, looked to be tourists, and rhetorically I asked myself , why is it the Japanese struggle so with English? 


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