Before the Coffee Kicks In

Am quite dependent on my first few sips of the stuff, otherwise the morning is just a mental blur of sounds and images. 

Contrary to what I had imaged, there was no interview yesterday, pm.  Got a call morning telling me what I had suspected, there may be conflict issues with this project and the project at The Firm which I was on. Will hear back next week; or so I was told. 

Late in the evening comes an e-mail from another person telling be of a J-E legal review project in NYC that pays $20 more per hour than what I had made.  Asked if there might be conflict  in this case as there are now a number of Keiretsu manufacturers under the gun so to speak.   Was told probably , ‘no’. 

NYC? hmmm only been there 2 and those were day trips.   What has me not jumping wholeheartedly into this is if I go, there’ll be housing -and if DC is expensive (heard while at the firm, out of town folks wer paying $1,000 a month for what seemed to be no more than a closet) NYC is doubly so especially given the office is on 41st street, which my vague memory tells me its more or less mid-town, so with housing meals, etc.  It might not make a whole lot of sense $$$-wise.

Son spent his first day at home sleeping and sleeping- though in the evening I told him to go pick his mother up from work..  He did leave his Facebook page open on his laptop and scrolling down I discovered he did make an effort to find a ride near or to home, but got no takers.  Why he did not fly (he wanted to) was that it was cheaper to pick him up; only used 2.someting tanks of gas to get there and bring him back. An air ticket would have been close to $400.  He does have another break  at Easter, for 3 days, but he’s staying there.

A legacy from The Firm.  One of the Japanese woman still working there  has a project she said she needs help with; posting a photo of some sort on Wiki and could I help.  Talked to her about it yesterday and she said she’d even give me $50 for my trouble, which now has me scratching my head about how sketchy this whole thing may or may not be.  Did create an account and do see the process for posting an image is a bit involved. Perhaps that is what has got her stymied. 

For today, son has plans to ‘hang out’ at the paintball field he’s worked at. Told him they work that day and his ‘hanging out’ may not be appreciated.  Besides he needs to look for summer work.  will say though he’s  cme home at an odd time as all of his high school freinds still have classes at thier schools. Wife unit works today as well, leaving me……

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4 Responses to Before the Coffee Kicks In

  1. mizunogirl says:

    With you on the coffee.

    NYC housing is terrible, but if it is for a short term, you might, via craigs list, find a place to live say as a sublet, for either a student or someone who may be going abroad.
    I would love an opportunity to be in NYC for a while, but, like you, the expense almost makes it not worth it. I used to go through there when I worked overseas, as my first and last stop….

  2. Aussie Emjay says:

    I’ve enjoyed visiting New York City but I don’t think I’d like to live there; at least not long-term. I hope that you are able to find something closer to home. You’re an early riser so that coffee is probably essential. I like my first cup at 10am – perhaps that’s when I’ve finally woken up! 🙂 LOL.

  3. Ummm I too would rather find something closer- saw another project at Metro Center, applied to and hope…

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