Being on The Outside Again

Given there was a dusting of snow on the ground yesterday morning not having to go to The Firm anymore to work (and have to walk to it) is I suppose a blessing of sorts.

Spent yesterday filing with some difficulty for unemployment again.  Could not do it on-line as the DC site tells all that one must file a claim in your home state, who then is supposed to file a claim against DC.  Virginia says no, you must file in DC in you worked there. Hmmm.  Called and after a long wait had my old claim reopened.

Also called recruiters for 2 different contracting agencies for Japanese legal review and did not hear back.  After all this time I should be used to not having calls returned, but I find this so very annoying, unprofessional and a reflection on the company these people represent. Applied for 2 job openings, one with a German OEM but was told by one who works there I probably won’t be considered as the company is looking for not what you know, but who you know.  Hope that’s wrong.  Applied to another one through a networking site; know I will be one of many, many.

Son has dithered again on getting home for his school break.  This time I am not going to be so accommodating.  As it is now last minute, airfares are high and its actually cheaper to drive to pick him up.  Sure he could pay for his own airfare, but that’d come back round to me in the end.  There are a number of kids in the school who live in places that are much closer, which whom he could hitch a ride with, but was told he was “..Not going to call random people.”  Think bro Pound Salt was right about son’s maturity level.

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2 Responses to Being on The Outside Again

  1. Hope you fall back on your feet!

  2. Thanks. Have an interview for a 1 to 2 month temp job, not what I really want to do, but $$$ is $$$.

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