Like Mother, Like Son

 My youngest brother retired from state service late last month.  He had his time nearly in and took a buyout.    Good for him.

Now youngest brother never left the nest either- literally.  He stayed and still lives in the home the three of us were raised in, never married.  After our father died in 1997, it was just him our mother and an untrained mini Manchester Terrier in the house.

Well, wife unit and I went up to Baltimore yesterday to take him out to dinner to celebrate and give him some frozen ravioli from The Italian Store in Arlington (which makes some awesome subs BTW).  A bit of money for us to spend considering, but he’s been good to us so…

Had a quiet dinner and it dawned on my just how old he looks, older than I, and how he acts- it could have been our mother sitting at the table instead of him.  And last, when we left the restaurant, he as our mother would have, just said good-bye, not invite us to have coffee etc., at the house (it was no more than 5 minutes away). That too I think he learned from her.  In years earlier, I would have felt insulted, but now, at his age, he’s not going to change, as my mother never did.

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4 Responses to Like Mother, Like Son

  1. It’s always interesting to find out how much our parents have an influence on us. I sometimes have to check myself when I noticed I have picked up some mannerism or some behaviour from my mum or my dad.

    Hopefully, I won’t pick up much of the negatives, then again I might be biased…

  2. We are all copies of or parents I believe; its just a matter of how faint the ‘copy’ is nor not.

  3. Oh no don’t say that! I’ve been fighting following in their footsteps all my life!

    Hope your brother has some work or friends or hobbies he enjoys.

    This is my first visit here, I like your honest articles. Take care,

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