Count Down to Being Out

There doesn’t appear to be any readily apparent reason behind who will be out and who will still be in after Friday.  contractors for both companies on the legal review project are either in or out.Parhpas it is just plain favoritism. I would like to know if the decision is based on work performance. either way, both of the attorneys failed to communicate anything with the team.

The two attorneys who have watched over this project acted like 2 kids  giddy kids approaching their spring break.  There is talk of a farewell party for those of us who will leave this week.  frankly, given that some of us, like me, have nothing else awaiting them, strikes me as a bit cruel.  I certainly won’t be going to one; not because of hard feelings, but because with no other income coming in, I again need to husband what money I have carefully, and do not want others in a similar situation, using their scant money likewise on me.

Yesterday at least, I found myself working much less harder, or perhaps driving myself much less harder than I have on the project.  I mean why should I now?

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2 Responses to Count Down to Being Out

  1. I mean why should I now? – Um, because it’s still your current work and the right thing to do?

  2. Nope, even the supervising attny’s are slacking off. The 気合 just ain’t there no more.

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