A Favorite Thing

The photo below was taken many years ago, when son was perhaps 4, while we were taking a vacation and when this picture was taken, watching a street performer in Bath, UK.

Street show, Bath UK


Its one of my more favorite photos of son and shows the wife unit does hae a good hand when it comes to taking pictures.  Think son would shoot me if he knew this photo was up on this blog now.  Speaking of which, I  called son yesterday evening figuring, late sunday afternoon, he’s just chilling out- good time to  call.  Nope.  He hissed he was in the library working on a paper and “what do you want?’  Guess that’s another stage he’s going through and that I have to put up with.

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4 Responses to A Favorite Thing

  1. Aussie Emjay says:

    That’s one cute little boy! And, then they grow up…..

  2. Why. Why. Why do people answer their cell phones if they’re not available to talk, or in a pissy mood, or in a place where it would be inappropriate? (Although there doesn’t seem to be any cultural mores regarding cell phone behavior, do it wherever and as loudly as you please is the norm).

    I called a woman the other night about a job, she answered, said she was in a meeting and this was a bad time. Why are you answering your phone in a meeting? They have off switches and voice mail for that. It makes the caller feel the need to apologize for interrupting, when it’s hardly their fault.

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