Not Where I Should Be

Am at home and have been for several hours, rather than at The Firm, where I would be right now.

No, the project hasn’t suddenly ended nor have I been dropped from the project.  We just ran out of work early in the morning, that’s all.  Files are supposedly batched by an outside contractor and uploaded into(onto?) a data base, from which we reviewers extract them and do our work.  Guess someone was asleep at the switch.

Think the 2 lawyers who watch/babysit us did us a silent favor by quietly disappearing for about an hour and shortly after their return, told us we had to go home or wherever.

So here I am. Thought I had banked up a nice pile of overtime too, but that now will be needed just to fill in the hole left by the early departure.  I did make a couple of calls I had wanted to make; spoke to a former colleague of Large International Automobile Manufacturer #2 and #1, now in a different gig, the first time I’ve spoke directly in a few years. Not sure why I havent bothered to call before, but…  Think I may have caught this person driving instead of being driven accounting for the quick conversation Thinks its $100 fine for being caught on a cell phone while driving in DC.

Also crossed off an item on my long ‘to do’ list.  I pass the Thai Embassy often, closed of course due to the hour, but I had wanted to ask about my late father.  You see, his very first job was working as an accountant for the Thai Embassy back in the early 1950’s and wondering if personnel files going back that far were still around.  Walked  right in (its surprisingly unguarded) asked  about the files and was told probably none remain.  But think I’ll write a formal letter anyway.

The weather turned sour.  It was nice to see some daylight  as I walked to The Firm and thoughts of how noticeably longer the days are now.  Now gray and overcast which mirrors the mood at the moment.  Thanks to a cousin, I was put in touch with some very high people at 2 places I have dropped my resume at.  One, I’ve heard nothing from, the other has contacted me saying internally there is discussion  and there’s not much to tell me.    Have also put feelers out to another contacting firm asking them to keep me in mind. have no idea when this gig will end, but end sometime it will and barring landing a real job, I don’t want gaps in the income flow.

Did get some ironing of shirts and pants done as well.  Yes, I do iron, not well perhaps, but I do iron clothes.

Oh well.

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2 Responses to Not Where I Should Be

  1. mizunogirl says:

    I love having unexpected days off…but I also do not have college tuition to deal with! Glad your days are getting longer. Soon, I suppose the DC blossoms will arrive!

  2. Yeah the cherry blossoms are but a month away more or less. You’d not believe it though as there’s a fresh coat of snow on the ground this morning.

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