I’m Sooooooo Tired

As goes one of John Lennon’s songs on the Beatles White Album. Tired right now as its early morning, but was even more exhausted last night after a 10.5 hr. day at The Firm.

We were allowed to start at 7 yesterday, an hour earlier, though I told one of the attnys who watch over us that our ID badges will not give us access to the building until 7 or after- no matter.  OK, my clock started the minute I walked through the ground floor door, not when I start working.  Put in the usual afterwards, but found myself slowly going through documents towards 4-ish and onwards, partly out of content, but on the way home, wondered what accounted for the difference in how I felt;  when working for Large International Automobile Manufacturer 2, I’d put in long days like that and not feel the worse for it.

So…?  Age is perhaps one reason, but with my now 2-month old regimen of a 30 mile a week walk from and back to the car, I ought to be in much better shape than I was.  No, I don’t think that is the answer.  Think more the nature of both jobs.

At this job, I sit look, click and point with the mouse, look, click and point… a bit like sculling; you row hard past one buoy only to find you’ve got another buoy ahead of you and another and another…My job at Large International Automobile Manufacturer #2 had me in front of a PC of course, usually composing something, answering/making phone calls, being on teleconferences, reading reports, making coffee or perhaps sticking my head into someone else’s office more than I should have.  Believe the variety of task performed during a day then as opposed to the monochromic task at hand at The Firm, accounts for the difference.

Circling back to the walk and health, noticed a few more joggers out last night as it was warmer, and wonder who was getting the better workout, or is there really not much of a difference?  Have noted too some brave/stupid joggers so obsessed with their endorphin ‘fix’ they had to jog across the Key Bridge in shorts, in sub freezing temps and over ice.  That’s a good way to pull a hamstring; which I have done once. Took me about a year to be able to walk without some pain after that.

To blow steam off, some in the review group went off to Georgetown to drink and carouse.  Didn’t go.  Not that I am anti-social, but rather was tired, had to drive back anyway, and have been burned so many  time both in Japan and here at outings at which I and other  can’t drinkers are footed with a large bill to pay for the alcohol intake of others. i.e., I have been burned with paying more than my fair share all to often.

Computer is doing fine though I note when I log onto this blog a prompt pops up every time I load a page as the cookies appear to now be disabled. I guess by the guy who fixed the PC as a means to keep future PC nasties away.

One attune, sent for nearly a month in Japan, came back and was all bubbles about her experience, but as one person noted, there aren’t many people who don’t come away from a visit to Japan  elated. Now living there…..


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9 Responses to I’m Sooooooo Tired

  1. You are probably right on the money about the banality being a bane. Especially when one is used to a more varied regimen.

    Funny to read about your being stuck with the bill anecdote as it happened for me a couple of times in my previous jobs, making me more prudent in my dealings at my current work.

  2. mizunogirl says:

    There really is not much health difference between walking and jogging. the Running of course, burns more calories, but as far as lowering BP and such walking is just as good.

    Some people are just cold tolerant. You will never fine me running in shorts when its under 45 degrees, but…a lot of folks find they do get hot. The treadmill this years gets very annoying.

    The job you are doing right now does sound tedious. I think it would knock me out post haste.

  3. “You experince with servers is much different than mine.” – So you’ve requested that of all the servers and they’ve declined? Then you’ve reason to take it to the manager. That’s poor service.

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