Of All the PCs in All The World and……

Had a Humphrey Bogart moment the other day at The Firm. Among the documents I reviewed was one in which there was a photo of a very good friend of many years -not that this friend is under any cloud, his photo just happened to be in a document.

Another was an org chart, in which was my old worksite from my days in Japan, kept chuckling to myself over the irony of it all.

Also a snide comment about the speed at which I work.  I figure as I’m being paid $$$ per hour, I should give The Firm its money’s worth.  Also the kid next to me, fresh out of law school and thus being paid more than I spent most of his afternoon yesterday playing on-line chess. Grrrrrr.  I’d rat him out, but he’d find out and…..

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9 Responses to Of All the PCs in All The World and……

  1. “I spent most of his afternoon yesterday playing on-line chess”

    Yeah, we got someone here who’s become quite proficient playing games on her phone, only to complain she either doesn’t understand what she needs to do, when she actually bothers to work, or complain she doesn’t have enough time to do it right before leaving because she has a “headache”.

    If she does have a headache, it definitely doesn’t stems from overuse. 🙂

  2. Sounds like an excuse to me….

  3. Let me guess. That employee’s young and has zero work ethic. I’m flabbergasted, particularly in this economy with jobs so scarce, that anyone would be so careless and unappreciative of having a job. If that were me, I’d be falling over myself with gratitude and blowing ’em away with my stellar performance AND asking for additional responsibilities to boot.

  4. Young yes, can’t say about work ethic- my guess wold be that frsh out of law school, there might be a twinge of ‘this work is somewhat beneath me, but since I have not gig now…’

    The day before yesterday, he laided off the games as the attnys told everyone that off time is not to be billed. Yesterday however, he was back at it.

  5. Jerk. The game-player, not you!

  6. Yup, and if it were up to me, I’d show him the door very quickly. Another person, also a lawyer without a gig, complained about not being able to concrate on the audio book listened to while ‘working’, that more attention now had to be paid to the task being paid for.

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