Growing Up a Bit, Me That Is

Called son up yesterday afternoon to ask if he had checked his pay stub  about the federal taxes withheld. His W-2 shows an inordinately small amount withheld in relation to what he earned in 2010.

He hadn’t but told him to get with it as this means his $$$$ not mine.

In th course of the conversation, he also told me he’s probably going to change majors.  The physics course he says s just too much for him to deal with and try as he says he has, he says he ‘still doesn’t get it’.

I asked if he had sought help and he says he has.  I guess what I was trying to impress upon him is that I  don’t want to see him give up too early and make a decision that can greatly affect what he does from here on out; his mother has done that a lot in her life, just walked away when the going gets rough.

But he;’s also nearly 20 years old and time to make his own decisions and live with the consequences, a point well impressed on me yesterday.

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4 Responses to Growing Up a Bit, Me That Is

  1. Aussie Emjay says:

    Some of us are destined to just never “get” Physics ….. and being married to a Physicist only helps a bit.

    • Lol!

      Now if I was cut from the same cloth as Ms. Chua, I’d proabbly shckle him to his bed, no food or water, until he had his Physics moment of enligtenment.

      But seriously, he says he;s doing well in his other subjects save this one, and it seems a shame to perhaps be thrown off course by this.

  2. mizunogirl says:

    Well…I would not think of it as being thrown off course. My Mother and Dad never ever wanted me to be a nurse and were aghast enough that I was successfully discouraged. I now have a Bachelors degree in American History and also a Bachelors in Nursing. These days, they are not complaining one bit about me being an employed person…. It may be that the course he thought he wanted is turning out to not be the one he really would excel at. And if he finds he really wants to go for the old major that later, he can always take physics again.

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