At Wit’s End

My computer problem continues, ergo;  something will not let the program recognize my desktop password ( why the hell do I need one anyway?!!) nor will it let me reset it.

Have called a geek am awaiting a call back. This is also costing me $$$$. A translation job came, tried to open the files on this older computer, bt cannot, so I have had to bag the job as I do not know when I’ll get the newer computer fixed.

Life at The firm goes on, but there have been changes.  The group of reviewers has been split into 3 groups. One which does what is called level 1 review, that is looking for keywords to determine if the document is relevant or responsive to the subpoena, a second group which takes a deeper dive into the documents which pass the first review, looking for content and key words to tag them with and determining if the document falls into the frist or most problematic level, second third or none category. The last group translated into English the most problematic documents, which are then sent on the more senior attorneys on this case.

I was on the second level review, but in the middle of the week I and 4 others were reassigned to the first level review.  No real explanation was forthcoping, which lead to rumors about the reason.  The young lawyers from The Firm, who supervise us have I hope, leaned a lesson that in managing people, you need to communicate, which they really did not do.  Frankly I find the level one work less tiring both physically and mentally as All that I need worry about are  key words and if found mark the document appropriately and move on.  It also worked to my advantage yesterday as well, as the second level reviewers simply ran out of documents and had to be sent home earlier (and without pay) than they would have otherwise done.


And frankly as I remarked to another person on the review, we’re just a bunch of contractors and The Firm doesn’t have to be nice to us if they don’t want to, and from what I have heard from other who have been on other legal review projects, there are some hell holes of law firms to work for I am told.

But the 2 young attorney’s for The Firm, besides having little to no experience in managing people (perhaps one reason why they are assigned to this project?), they seem to be less than willing to help the reviewers in filling in information blanks, to wit, the many many acronyms se see and what they mean.  There is some logic for this, speed. That is we the reviewers don;t need to be bogged down in looking up information when the name of the game is getting documents reviewed, which is one reason why 99% of us do not have internet access save what is needed to access the remote data base for documents.  But sometimes we need to know as there was one acronym, which a person who did have internet access, looked up and we fond it wa very pertinent to our review.  Think to 2 young attorney need to understand that in every project they will be involved in, they will need to drill down a bit and investigate to learn the background and the glossary, in order to do a good job.

The car is fixed, thoguh it cats 2.9k to make it right. Now I am told an engine mountig is near the end of its useful life…… Not that big a deal to repair, but Jesuz, what the hell next?

Oh and that WSJ on Chinese mothers has generated at least one spoof, like this one.

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