I spoketh too soon.  Turns out the transmission, the mechanical part of it, is the problem and making it right will cost anywhere from $2,500 to $2,800. 

Doing a bit of internet research revealed Cars such as the Quaalude (a Honda) do have tranny problems.  Also sitting back and thinking a bit more,  the driving here in DC (and other choked urban areas here) is very hard on a car; oil needs replacing sooner, brake pads wear out quicker and I suppose the constant up and down shifting the tranny does shorten the useful life as well.  But until we get $$$ the Quaalude is all we’ve got so…….

Also punked a bit over being removed from a Google group for Japanese to English translators.  Somehow an annoying virus, which attacked the small address book I have on my gmail account sent out spam to also the Honyaku group and since I have not seen any mailings of late, I guess I’ve been removed from the group and mailings.


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4 Responses to Crap!

  1. Ouch! Not the best way to begin the new year, is it…

  2. Good thing you’ve got a job paying above minimum wage. 🙂

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