During my return walk across the bridge and to the car, I decided to cut across one street in Rosslyn and pass a nearby, four-legged sign put in the road, warning vehicle drivers of a construction zone. 

For whatever reason or karma, my left foot caught on one of the legs as I crossed, tripping me and sending me face first onto the pavement.  Not a busy street, so no danger of being run over, but landed arms outstretched first to break the fall.  One passerby did ask if I was ok. Physically yes, ego-wise, no.  Now both shoulders are awfully sore from the spill.

Yesterday, The Firm  re-trained us on the document  review. I am now part of a group which does second level review; looking more closely at the document to determine its importance for the lawyers.  After an afternoon of doing this,  I’m tempted to say it is a bit easier as there’s less to keep juggled in the head.    Also asked and got  a different chair, one more suited to a person sitting in it for long periods of time.  That may have made a difference as well, I was not so exhausted at the end of the day.  Guess too I should count my blessing as having Japanese language skills and Japanese corporate experience.  Was told there are many  law school grads, with big  students loans, unable to work, and swarm to any announcements for a legal review project.

Think I may have dodged a bullet with the car- the problem may be the transmission control computer may be shot; and if so, that’s going to be A LOT cheaper  than rebuilding an automatic transmission!  Makes sense to as we were still able to drive it. Had it been a mechanical failure, the car would not have moved.

Think I may have dodged a bullet as well with the job interview I had last month.  No calls for the second round and they were looking to fill the position very quickly.  Being offered the job would have been a problem as the salary would probably be not really where I want/need it to be.

Snow supposedly today, though at this hour, there’s nary a flake to be seen.


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2 Responses to Klutz

  1. In typical fashion, media here also pouring out predictions of evening snow and by the tone of the overhyping we’d best seek the nearest bomb shelter for the half inch that may or may not arrive.

  2. Ummm. You’d think it was the end of the world… I know the mid-westerners and Canadians laugh til they drop about how folks in the Mid-Atlantic go gaga over what is a dusting of snow for them

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