The Holidays are Over When

You spot this the week after New Year’s

A bit sad this being taken down so quickly, but then when would be the best time to take it down?

Work continues apace, or rather not at the pace The Firm wold like us at, so the process was streamlined, meaning a dog could be trained to do what we do.  That will change next week though as some, like me, will be doing a deeper dive into the documents. Learn also the NA affiliate does not appear to be a happy place- lots of stuff seen with sniping at this person and that.  don’t recall seeing such during my employment at either Large International Automobile Manufacturer #2 or LIAM #1.  Perhaps the difference is in the workplace professionalism.

Am noticing the same people who jog back and forth on the Key Bridge every morning and evening, so much so that I guess I could be on a nodding basis with them.  A group of soldiers out of Ft. Meyer actually said ‘Good morning, sir’ to me the other day.

Snow in the forecast for today and Saturday, though I can’t see much sticking, its gotten too ‘warm’ for that.

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4 Responses to The Holidays are Over When

  1. Jane says:

    that looks quite lovely – crisp, here I am at midnight, hot and feeling yukky with the airconditioner on

    • Crisp it is; it takes about a minute for my face to ‘thaw’ once I enter the warmth of The Firm.
      BTW in case there is a question about the flag in the background, it flies over the Embassy of the Ukraine. The Embasy is hosued partly in a historical building.

  2. Aussie Emjay says:

    None of the promised dusting at my place this morning! I think Christmas decorations come down around the time of Epiphany (perhaps the eve of Epiphany?). Some consider it bad luck to leave them up after the Twelth Day (which is Epiphany).

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