And So This is New Year’s

Ok, so I am doing what countless others are/will do today; reflect,bitch,babble about their own 2010.  Yaawwn!

My 2010?  Like many things in life, a mixture of the wonderous, the good and the bad.

Wonderous and good in that after what seems only the blink of an eye, son went from kid to high school graduation and has taken the first tentative steps toward becoming a man in his own right (though he’s been annoyingly dependent back home during his 2 school breaks).  That after much worrying we at least have the $$$ to see him through his first year at school.

That after a couple of years, well spent looking after son mind you, at home, I now have a temp job,  and while it is no more challenging than 流れ作業, it allows me to put more money into my bank account than I’ve ben able to for quite some time and that is a good feeling.

The feeling that things may very well indeed happen for a reason.  Given The Troubles Large International Automobile Manufacturer #1 has found itself in this year and will continue to face for many years to come, that my ungraceful exit from it spared me from much; for the office at where I worked, was/is in the center of the tempest. Mixed feelings about the fate of 2 at Large International Automobile Manufacturer #1’s DC office who were much involved in my ungraceful exit a few years ago.  Both have had their professional lives ripped apart; like tearing open and emptying the contents of a feather pillow.  No matter what happens, they will never be whole again.  One I heard,  was out and asked to leave, the other, sent out basically to count blades of grass.  A bit of grim satisfaction of what goes around has come back around with an enormity of interest, but at the same time, tempered with the knowledge this is not a pleasant fate for anyone, regardless.

Have only one older relative left standing now, and at her age she could just as well go to sleep one night and simply not wake up.  Sobering the knowledge is, that now one is truly on one’s own and that even if all you’ve got is a sibling like Pound Salt,  that’s all you’ve got once the parents, aunts and uncles pass away.

That the Empty Nest is both a blessing and a curse.  much freedom now, but the house is so horribly quiet too.  I think that can change should I find more permanent, gainful employment giving me the financial wherewithal to pursue things I’ve put off.

And I guess last, I am fortunate to have those who read this blog and comment from time to time as well.

All the best for 2010, ya’ll!

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2 Responses to And So This is New Year’s

  1. Not a bad year all in all, with securing employment a heckuva blessing. My prediction for you in 2011: You will be sought to help bail son out of poorly-managed transport so keep massaging and adding to that savings account!

  2. I, too, will add to the wishes of good fortune, building up on the past year.
    Hopefully, your son will find his way and confidence into the world, comforted by the support he gets from you…

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