An Egg Am I?

Have heard of ‘bananas’ (‘yellow’ on the outside, ‘white’ on the inside), but up to the day before yesterday, had never heard of being an egg, i.e., ‘white’ on the outside and ‘yellow= Asian on the inside.

I was label this during lunch by one of the japanese women on the project, she attempting to make a compliment on my understanding of Japan and th Japanese.   Complement it is, but one with many pitfalls of misunderstanding.  No matter what I understand or learn about Japan and the Japanese, as Popeye the Sailor would say, “I yam what I yam and that’s all that I yam’.  I can never be “an egg”.

The project goes apace.  I and other have finally found ourselves out of Stupid White Dudes swamp and are on to other stuff.  Its been interesting to see how the view point has changed, in the beginning we are at the 30,000 ft level and no we are hovering at around 1,000  ft.  No word on when the project will end, supposedly it will run to the end of January, but we’ll see.

No plans for New Year’s; suggested to family we drive to Longwood gardens on  Friday night, but no interest.  Was invited to some Buddhist temple in the area to literally ring out the New Year Japanese-style, but I think I’ll pass on that.

Still very cold. Stood by the Potomac River yesterday morning before entering the building and could hear the ice sheet cracking under the strain/stress.  Weird that.

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5 Responses to An Egg Am I?

  1. One year in Utah, where needless to say large Buddhist bells are in short supply, I stood out on the curb as others blew a horn and popped the cork striking this small brass dinner bell 108 times (yes, I counted!). Personally, I much prefer the Japanese welcoming of the new year over the Western counterpart. Reading about cracking ice, I just realized I love and miss that sound …

  2. “Stupid White Dudes swamp” LOL

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