The Interview

Yesterday was a job interview, for a government affairs manager in Maryland, the state I grew up in.  Believe I presented myself well and I was in a pool of 10 whichto be winnowed down to 4  then to one.  They want someone quickly as the legislature starts on 1/12. 

There are a couple of things that bother.  One salary, if offered the mid to lower band, there’s no way I can live on that; that’s the amount a single, entry-to mid level analyst makes here. Even the higher band makes things tight. Its also a very heavily political environment, but hey, its legislative affairs.  Another concern was I really did not think I clicked with one of the interviewers who is the person whoever is hired will report too and that can be a problem as I learned the hard way from my second experience at large International Automobile Manufacturer #1.

Speaking of which, woke yesterday to read its been slapped with yet another fine, $32. something million for 2 counts. That makes the grand total of fines paid this year to $48 something million I believe.  That’s not chump change, even for Large International Automobile Manufacturer #1.   I think I posted much earlier about the freelance translation work I’ve done on LIAM3#’s documents related to The Issue.  I’m not saying I’ve seen them all, but from what I have seen, I saw a company unable to  comprehend it had more that just a PR-damage control issue on its hands, fault for which I think lies mostly on the other side of the Pacific, but there’s blame to go around here.

Repercussions?  There have been some already as some here were asked to leave/bought out/told to go away and others stripped on their duties, titles and staff and are now counting the blades of grass.  Its a bit like how energy transfers  from the front end of a vehicle to the rear in a slo-mo of a crash test.  With the fine yesterday, that ‘energy’ has pretty much reached the rear and all that is left is to hold other people accountable.

Glad as hell I was shown the door there in ’07

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