Why It Sucks to Drive Here

Son is now back from school, sleeping actually though its mid-morning. I should not talk as I was pretty much in a semi-somnolent state yesterday. 

Picked him up from the Baltimore airport on Friday night. Why?  Because he dithered and the cheapest flight to be had were those flying to that airport than flights to either Dulles or Reagan.

Knew that Friday night would not be fun travelling in that direction, but was not ready for the 3 hours it took to go the some 60 miles one way.  Knew I 395 S would be a mess; it always is on a weekday (and weekends too) as it narrows and traffic squeezes by, but after that, thought I had a clear shot.  I was soooo wrong.  I 495 clogged up as it too narrows in 2 places towards the Wilson Bridge into Maryland and then there’s always someone it seems who freezes up when they drive over a bridge or through a tunnel, so more delays at the Wilson Bridge, then moderately OK until MD Rt 295, where the north bound traffic I knew would be stacked up a bit, but not nearly to Baltimore as I experienced.

Got to the airport after what seemed an eternity, parked and then discovered son’s flight out of Columbus was delayed even further.  Figured find a place e to eat, but very slim pickings (but many choice past security) and staffed by people who seemed to believe they were entitled to have me provided them with a living rather than they provide me with service.  Had to wait nearly an hour for son’s bags to be spit out too. All in all not the experience I have had at either of the 2, closer regional airports here.  Perhaps that is one reason why BWI was a lot less crowded that Dulles or Reagan are?

Son says he’s hit a rough patch with his college physics course; that the prof. does not teach it well. Asked if he was seeking help and he said he is but… A concern that because if he can’t clear this hurdle, can’t see him going on to engineering classes.

The temp gig continues apace.   I and another person had to go to the lawyers overseeing the work about 2 male (white) chatterboxes in the room we are in, trying to impress  one of the Japanese girls with their language abilities and ‘cleverness’.   Can’t see why they’d want to impress this one girl; from what I’ve observed of her personality, if she showed any interest in me, I’d run away as fast as my 2 legs could carry me. As I told one of the lawyers, we aren’t in a cloister, but what goes on is simply childish and a distraction.  So seating changes were made and I guess there are now 3 people unhappy with me- too damned bad.  

Before the seating changes were made, one of the topics of ‘conversation’ was the Christmas advertisements for jewelry, and one of the male chatterboxes ‘weighing in’  saying  the giving of jewelry is “regularly scheduled delivery of tribute.”, and thus objected to the idea of jewelry as a present.   No comment from the women in the room as they were either too busy with work, or felt it was all beneath them The utterer of this gem is not married either -is it any small wonder why? 

Still seeing what I now call ‘Easter Eggs’ in the files I review-won’t bore with the details of this.  What offends me is not so much the material (it would take some truly over the top, egregious stuff to offend me), but the stupidity of these men in leaving it in their work computers and thinking no one will ever see it does.

Snow still on the ground here, but nothing even to start to compare to last winter. Wish I could find a gig where its warm year-round.


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11 Responses to Why It Sucks to Drive Here

  1. Jane says:

    Darwin. That’s where you need to be.

  2. mizunogirl says:

    Not even Florida is warm year round! We have already had 2 weeks of temps in the 20’s but luckily it does warm up and we are back up to 50’s

    I drove through DC right before thanksgiving once, traffic was just as you describe it. I ended up doing a lot of visiting with my relative sin Southern PA via telephone while I sat in traffic!

  3. So I was right again. 🙂

  4. Aussie Emjay says:

    My son flew into BWI once and the taxi fare to DC was horrendous!!! It cancelled out the savings he made on a cheap flight from LA. The alley at the back of our house is an ice rink – I hope the trash truck still comes tomorrow after I put all the effort into taking the bins out there without falling over. I wonder if we will get a white Christmas …..

  5. To All:
    Something has once again, logged me out of MY blog and this time I see nothing to clcik on to log back on!!!!!

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