Spoke Too Soon

Turns out it wasn’t my small episode that sparked the dictat about using the Frin=m’s cafeteria; it just came up and… Still it sucks

Snow on the ground here, not much of it but enough to send folks in a frenzy.  Walked back across the Key Bridge to the car last might but don;t think I will do so today as what was snow has probably been packed down into ice and a slip, fall and twisted ankle is not something I need now (if ever).  Haven’t turned on the tube yet, but as the side streets, at least heer have not been plowed or more importantly, treated the kids have at least a pre-Christmas school delay.   Think I will delay my departure until there’s some light so ice patches can be spotted better.

The work goes on thought there was a bit of excitement, cause by another woman and I.  There were 3 in the room, 2 males  and a Japanese woman sitting in between, and between these 3 the extraneous  continuous shatter because too much.  One of the dudes who start and the other dude would latch on; I think they were trying unconsciously to impress and hit on this woman, who from what I have observed about her personality,   I would run away from as far and as fast as I could if she were to express any interest in me.  But we complained and some seating changes were made.  Hurt feelings?  too bad, we’re being paid to work, not chatter

As a neighbor opined, son did call a couple of nights ago telling me he’s found no ride and  needed a plane reservation. Told him he needed to do this himself., but realized his credit card has a very low limit, so…So he’s flying in tonight, though into Baltimore, which while out of the way, has traditionally allowed for lower fares.

The files, or what these clueless dum dumbs have left in them continue to amaze.  Though to be fair, I wonder if the files wer are reading include recovered ‘deleted’ files.

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One Response to Spoke Too Soon

  1. Hope your son got through ok. Every time I hear about snow falling in Washington, I keep waiting for the EMERGENCY logo to flash on the news. 🙂

    As for your cafeteria story, I just have to say “Wow” I’m used to be treated as a second-class citizen at work (having a union position in 80+% non-union field tends to that) but still… Sheesh!

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