Dumb and Dumber

Felt as if I was going through the work files of Homer J. Simpson yesterday;  e-mails containing  boob jokes, a crude joke about why women are difficult, culturally insensible remarks about the Chinese and Germans, Some very “odd” ‘motivational’ posters and a reference in a note recommending the hire of an intern, as  she is smart, efficient and attractive.  As one of the world’s greatest 20th Century commentators, Bugs Bunny would put it,  ‘What a maroon!”.  And the person in question is a US exec for this keiretsu………   This dude is lucky this is not an EEOC investuigation for it it was, He’d be dead meat. But this is not the focus of the issue so such we are told is to be ignored.

Over heard an interesting conversation between two of the associate attny’s, one a woman in her late 20’s, married, complaining to another woman about the husband, who does not seem to realize lunch meat will not keep for 2 weeks in the fridge.  Had thought about that, that perhaps there’d be less friction between wives and husbands if wife didn’t try to act like mothers toward their husbands. So if the husband has no sense of how long food keeps, that’s OK. If he gets food poisoning from it he’ll learn; the hard way of course, but he’ll learn.   Think that one of my better observations I do.
No word from son on how he plans on getting back.  Perhaps he expects to be beamed over here?

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3 Responses to Dumb and Dumber

  1. Expect an 11th-hour request for some action on your part from your son.

  2. No doubt, but I’ve told him what I can do for him with this temp gig is very, very, limited.

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