That’s what it feels like after the 3rd Friday since starting the temp gig feels like on the next day.

Its not that the job is stressful in terms of deadlines  or consequences of making a wrong decision, but more like being on the oars of a galley, there’s not much else to look forward to but row, row, and row more, leaving me very drained at the end of the day, with just about enough energy to look through e-mail and then sleep.  But don’t get me wrong,  this gig will go far to staunch the financial bleeding.

A few things stood out from this week.  Two were files that were in the batches I reviewed. In one the wife of a Japanese assignee wrote an e-mail crying about how she had just put a large scratch on the side of what I assume was their leased vehicle; like that couldn’t wait till your husband got home, 奥様  ?  Whew,  talk about a candle burning at both ends! The other was a file I reviewed yesterday, an it was not from a Japanese assignee, of a young woman sitting in a bathtub with not much left to the imagination.  Stupid, stupid, stupid.  I turned off the screen and informed one of the associate lawyers, who watch over us; I was neither offended nor titillated  by the photo, but know that such can cause problems.  You’d think after the many highly publicized sexual harassment cases here and the lengths (at least in my experience) companies go to to hammer in the ‘dos” and ‘don’ts’ that it would sink in, but guess not.

The other were two observations. One that this law firm, and perhaps by extension other law firms are like sea lion rookeries. Yu have the “partners’ (always spoken in semi reverential ones) who go about the the bull elephant sea lions and then the bachelor males and females who mill nervously around them.

The other observation, and one that might get me into some hot water while the U.S. government may frown on what alleged business practices may have occurred here, looking at what is alleged to have happened from a lived in Japan perspective, does have certain logic.  That is in Japan, what is alleged to have occurred is quite plausible. That in a certain manner , its like organized crime; the object being that everybody gets a piece of the ‘pie’ and is kept happy, which keeps people employed, fed, roof over the head, paying taxes, etc. = social stability, or as one person a bit unkindly put it, to keep the herd happy and producing milk even though the ‘cows’ are up to their knees in poo. 

 But that aside, in a certain sense what wrong with that if there is a bit of uncompetitiveness? 

Am going to go forward with the job interview. Understand I should not delude myself I am among a select group of second round applicants.  The pay is an issue and spoke to youngest brother, who is in state service, who told me its probably unlikely I would get the top band and even that is somewhat problematic financially.   Also was contacted about a position at another international automobile manufacturer, responded, but not heard anything.  I in turn contacted a japanese recruiter  the person in question used to work for  this international automobile manufacturer, to see what doors she could open; guess not as many as I had imagined.

Also had a rush J-E translation job, which I did on fumes, but oddly after a whole day of Japanese document review, I found myself going through the work very quickly.  conflict?  Nope.  what I am doing with this legal review involves keiretsu and a totally different issue than large International Automobile Manufacturer #1 and its Problem.

 Also for the last 2 Friday’s been looking for a nice venue, a bar, pub, ect., to celebrate in a way my semi-return to the work force, but haven’t really found anything to my liking.  Looking in at a rib place near where I used to work, saw 2 older white dudes, each alone at the bar, and said to myself ‘That is not for me!’. A couple of good restaurants I remember nearby too, but unlike in Japan, it feels really weird sitting alone at a restaurant.

But anyway, at least today when I door out the window, its daylight and I can see my yard.  Son is home after another week, but he has yet to move on finding his own transportation

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4 Responses to Exhale

  1. Many is the day I miss izakaya and the intimate divey dark bars of Shinjuku 2- and 3-chome open until 5 in the morning. Sigh.

  2. I have to admit that I too am sometimes at a loss myself with the corporate politics where I work, which cost me some opportunities in the past.

    This is probably why I am content with my current position and not looking to rise up.

    Hope you find something to your liking!

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