TGIF, Well Almost

Afer a long time though it does feel good to be able to honestly say this.

Pretty much fall asleep after dinner as 8 hours of staring at a computer, doing repetitive tasks with only sporadic  human interaction is draining.  Am getting a better feel for how suppliers have it in dealing with large International automobile Manufacturer #1, for the documents I see paint a picture of a merciless, unrelenting grind, grind, grind on the suppliers to cut costs.  Bet ulcer medicine is a big seller at these Keiretsu companies.

From the ‘be careful what you leave in your company e-mail account’:  There was  an e-mail yesterday among the documents reviewed, from the wife of a Japanese assignee, loudly complaining to/berating  her husband (while at work) about a fight she had with her teenage son over him spending too much time in the bathroom.  That broke all  in the room up and a lesson indeed about regularly cleaning up  one’s e-mail folders. 

Have an interesting group of office mates; mostly Japanese women, some local, others  from NYC and elsewhere far away.  A group of 3 like to chat it up a lot, which can be distracting at times, but sometimes its entertaining.  One thing am amazed by is how their conversation, and other conversations I have listened to among Japanese invariably turns to food. Honestly in all the people I’ve come across , I don’t think I have seen any but the Japanese so food-centric.  Have 2 newbies (I should talk) one a woman next to me who is very annoying(she was told to shut up today) and another an Caucasian man, awaiting his bar exam result, then plans to head back to SF with GF and in the meantime…..  Not fair, I know, but have taken quite a dislike to him. Outside of being a lawyer, he knows nothing and is unaware he knows nothing. 

What is more interesting is that many have done this work before, having been registered with a translation agency or legal services company, they go from job to job, as temporary as they may be  even if far from home.  Kinda reminds me of the migrant farm workers I was with during my high school summer job.

And in the midst of all of this, I manged to get son back, at least part way, to college, with his Uncle Pound Salt taking him the rest of the way.  But Bro. Pound Salt continues to amaze. About an hour out from his home around 7 pm, had son call ahead, he tells me he is told the ‘kitchen is closed’ at his uncle’s house, so we need to fend for ourselves; which turned out to be a quick burger at a Dairy Queen. Call me stupid but were I expecting guests or family in the evening, I would not tell them the kitchen is closed.

But gettimg back to working. due to parking, or rather the cost of it and the relative difficulty in getting out of DC and into Virgina, I park the car in a place just across the river and walk across the Key Bridge into Georgetown and back.  A bit chilly and long, but I figure taking into account the walk tot he nearest DC side Metro the travel time to the next Metro stop and then the walk to the garage, its 6 or one half dozen of the other and the scenery is not too bad.

Like this,

or this,

Or this.

And last, this guy. He stands silently in the main hallway on the floor we work on, but apparently goes unnoticed. After passing him many times,  I was reminded of the Ojizo-sans I would see from time top time in Japan.

Anyway, I am beat.

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3 Responses to TGIF, Well Almost

  1. ladywise says:

    Good post. Yes, I agree with you, I would never close the kitchen to someone coming to visit for whatever reason. That’s downright rude! Love the pics. Nice scenery.

  2. Aussie Emjay says:

    The Potomac is beautiful in the early morning light – even the Kennedy Center looks nice!

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