Yes, I Am Still Here

Just awfully preoccupied by the temp job.  Updates when I can.

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5 Responses to Yes, I Am Still Here

  1. Job? What’s that? {Some 27 months now unemployed.} Glad youze got one.

  2. Its nice, sorta, but its only a temp job lastimng til 2/2011, then ist back onto the streets.

  3. Hell, last job I had lasted 1 month in May 2009. A job of three months is an unattainable dream in my area! Or even three minutes!

  4. Not necessarily. February is a turning point; an upward swing will follow. Won’t be quick, neither across the board, recovery will be slow to non-existent in certain pockets. 2011 will be a better year than the past two.

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