Arrugh! My Dogs are Barking

A term learned long ago about the how the feet/legs feel after a long hike.

translation company was non-committal about work this weekend, so decided since the weather was so nice, to hike a portion of the C & O Canal Trail. 

Started a Brunswick and had hoped to make it all the way to Harper’s Ferry, but ran out of available daylight, or rather, turned back in order to walk back to the car while there was still daylight. All told, a ten mile round-trip hike.

The trail follows the Potomac River, but sadly, the trees between the old canal towpath and the river, really aren’t thinned out (they should be), depriving the hiker of some probably nice river views.

There was one spot, a designated rest spot, that allowed a clear view of the scenery

When I got home, there was an e-mail from the translation company on files to translate and that a reply was needed in an hour.  Oh well, and from the description of the work, I believe I did myself a favor by going out for the day.

But as the title says, it was enjoyable yesterday, but today I can barely move.

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4 Responses to Arrugh! My Dogs are Barking

  1. Aussie Emjay says:

    The C&O Canal trail is gorgeous – I’ve ridden my bike along there. Well worth enjoying the weather we had this weekend – it was glorious.

  2. Aussie Emjay says:

    Oh, and I meant to say nice photos too!:-)

    • Did a bit of superfical research and discovered there were plans, when the federal government took over the cannl, to restore all of it, but plans/work stopped with WWII and that after the war, there were also plans to turn the canal into an automobile parkway- an idea that looking back now, has some merits. Bet too most people don’t realize one can hike all the way to Cumberland, MD on the cannal pathway.

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