Going Round in Circles

Wife unit about 98.9999% peercent of the time, fails to clean up after preparing something on the kitchen countertop, and a stain of some sort, like this one, (coffee)

is left to be ignored or for me to clean up. Because I can’t stand to look at this for very long, I grab the bottle of household cleaner we have, a bleach based product, spray, wait and wipe.  Of course the smell lingers and then there is the comment about the smell. 

Wouldn’t have to clean and wife unit would not need be bothered by the lingering bleach smell if she’d clean up her mess.  I’m getting tired of this.

On another note, the candidate I had wanted to see unseat the incumbent Congressman here conceded defeat.  My always ‘on’ neighbor sent out a rather bitter broadcast e-mail lamenting the defeat and in response I replied stating that while the outcome  is not what was wanted, the fact the incumbent won by the barest of margins (think it was less that 1,500 votes in a very populous district) is of comfort as the incumbent, if he knows what is best for him, will realize he’s on notice for the next election.

Got back to my surprise, a very snotty reply from her .  Guess there are people for whom the glass is only half empty.

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3 Responses to Going Round in Circles

  1. Must say I’m a little surprised by the wife’s action; rarely met a Japanese woman who isn’t tidy (to varying degrees); many are outright fanatics!

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