The Things You See on the Highway

 Like this…..

No, its not a cute dolphin, but a game fish (freshwater, I think) of some kind, mounted as you can see, on the bed of this guy’s truck.  Wish we had a better picture, but the camera is low-end and wife unit was a bit slow with the shutter.

Wonder if the guy’s wife lets him park this thing in front of their house? Wonder if he lives in a HOA?

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7 Responses to The Things You See on the Highway

  1. Gee, you’d think there’d be a law on oversized vehicular ornaments. Something smells fishy in the state of Virginia (?).

    • No, from my past work experince, there’s not much in the way of state regualtons that limit what you may do to your car, as long as its not too high/tall or overly wide.

      Come to think of it, there’s an even more outlandish vehicle garaged not far from here. Have to remember to take the camera the next time I am out.

  2. mizunogirl says:

    Amazing, astounding.

  3. Aussie Emjay says:

    LOL – that’s funny. Perhaps he was just moving houses – or do you think he leaves it permanently tied to his vehicle?

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