You Know You’re Old School…

.. when you still use one of these to prepareĀ  soup stock.

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4 Responses to You Know You’re Old School…

  1. You ever been to one of those Chinese herbal shops that proliferate in Japan, shops with dozens upon dozens of tiny wooden drawers containing unfamiliar if not bizarre dried herbs for ancient Chinese concoctions? That’s what that pic reminds me of. I just love those shops, btw.

  2. Nope, never set foot in such

  3. For the uniniated, care to enlighten as to what this is?

  4. Its a grater of sorts, (don’t know what the name is in Japanese) over which dried bonito is passed over, which shreds it into small pieces, then used to make soup stock (dashi) for miso soup, etc., I suspect very few people still use this and instead opt for the more convenient powdered dashi.

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