I Spy………..

A ‘visitor’ as I was translating more J-documents from Large International automobile Manufacturer #1.


Wife unit thinks its oh so  かわいい cute. I told her under no circumstances is she to open the door to pet or let the animal in.  Can’t figure why after all these years we’d have a raccoon by the door; perhaps it has something to do with the dog now gone.

Speaking of large International Automobile Manufacturer #1,  saw something at the end of an e-mail that gave me pause:

\(^O^)/ (name omitted to protect the stupid) \(^O^)/

I’m all for office levity/creativity, but in my day at LIAM #1, had this been appended to a fax or company e-mail, particularly at the end of a communication dealing with The Issue, the person who drafted this would have wound up with a new orifice somewhere, courtesy of his/her 上司 supervisor.

But maybe things are now very different there.

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8 Responses to I Spy………..

  1. ladywise says:

    Yes, the dog being gone is why the raccoon is around.

    I agree about the end of the communication. Things have gotten so strict anymore I’m sure I couldn’t work for a big corporate company today. I would end up saying the wrong thing, the wrong way, to the wrong person and at the wrong time. lol

    • Well there is a reason, and a good one, as I was advised very early on after I repatriated, that one needs to keep in mind what is put in an e-mail could without a stretch, wind up in one’s local newspaper or worse.

      I think one of the lessons corporate Japan will learn is that care needs to be exercised in internal communications, even if they are in Japanese, as e-mails, etc., could very well wind up being disclosed, translated into English.

  2. Aussie Emjay says:

    Definitely do not let the cute little thing inside – I’ve heard horror stories about people trying to get them out again. I’ve been told those little hands can open light weight gauze (screen) doors. We’ve had one climb up onto our top deck and I’ve told the manservant he *must* make sure the little latch is locked just in case.

  3. These are some unruly neighbours to be sure. Hope they leave you in peace.
    As for the smileys, I agree with you, there’s a woman at BigMediaCo, who just recently acheives a position of authority which involves sending e-mails through out the different departments.

    Seeing a 🙂 after her signature always rankles a bit and there’s also another item that screams a lack of profesionnalism. Not that it’s a big problem for me, but most of her messages are sent in English, where 95% of the people are French-speaking. Seeing that this person has been working for almost 10 years, one would expect her to be functional in the gallic language.

  4. Kyata says:

    Ohhhh so000 cute!
    Let him in and feed him!
    No offence. Just trying to be a typical Japanese. and (^_^)q. LOL

    • Actually, I think the raccoon fed him/herself very early this morning. Was finishing up some translation when I heard a thump sound, a bit like a hard ball bouncing off the deck….wondered for a second or 2, then remembered wife unit had left an apple outside. Take a peek out and see no apple, so….

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