A Translator’s Lot is……

With apologies to Gilbert & Sullivan.

In the Inbox this morning was a broadcast e-mail from the translation company asking for availability this weekend, time stamped at a little past midnight.

Can’t speak for others (whoever they are) in this company’s ‘stable’ for this project, but it was sent and arrived  after I had gone to bed for the evening; not an issue on face value but I am getting the impression work (and I need it) is allotted out on whoever raises their hand the quickest.  Having e-mails like this sent out and perhaps read and responded to in the odd hours of a day put me at a disadvantage.

So this project has me thinking of what a ‘typical’ translator type may be; a man or woman who spends most of their waking and perhaps odd hours in front of the PC awaiting for word of work available?

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One Response to A Translator’s Lot is……

  1. ladywise says:

    Well, you are going to have to put a voice on those particular emails and have it yell at you in your bedroom and say “You’ve got mail!!” lol

    That’s not very fair for you to have to stand over the email in box 24/7 in order to catch the work as soon as it hits.

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