That’s Done Thankfully.

Have the latest translation batch off the plate and one document was quite a challenge as said ion the last post, it was more financial/accounting based and the lexicon is unfamiliar. Had to Google a lot to see how terms were used or better if there was an English translation for from some of the words, you’d never guess just from the characters alone they meant wheat they meant in English.  But the same can be said for the engineering-based J-E translation I have done and am more at home with.  But next time there is work like this, I’ll need to find a glossary of terms.

I saw Son’s school published its latest student directory on-line and son’s photo looks as if he was dragged out of bed (a distinct possibility) for the hair is a mess. But he has a nice raffish smile (for which I think, ahem, I can take credit for) that makes up for it.  Don’t think I will tell his mother about it as I know what I’ll hear over and over and over again, and I don’t want to.  Son is 19 and rounding the far turn for twenty, he’s a big boy now and if he goofs, well…..
And if Bro Pound Salt Call me a helicopter parent…was in Wegmans yesterday morning drinking coffee and doing part of the crossword, when a mother, a Aussie, who is probably an inch or so taller than I, sat down with her college-attending son and pestered him about his spending habits, eating habits, who did you do what with and why, don’t you want me to buy to X….The boy acted as if he wanted Scotty to beam him to Mars.

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3 Responses to That’s Done Thankfully.

  1. haha, and I’d volunteer to captain him there!

  2. Felt sorry for that kid, I did.

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