And One wonders Why the Government Tries to “fix” things?


I am no proponent of the health care “reform” shoved down the treats of the American public  this year and eagerly await its outright repeal  or if not, large scale evisceration by a different Congress.

I am a great believer in personal responsibility. Through my years with dealing with the government, l have learned the U.S. government is one of the last entities one should look to  ‘fix’ things and last my and wife unit’s experiences in the Japanese health care system, all make me an unwavering opponent to any sort of nationalized health care.

Still there are things that industry as a whole here does, that seem to go out of its way to invite government intervention; airlines for example, with their ‘fees’.  Or in this case my experience with our health insurance provider.

Wife unit had to go in for a MRI scan and was referred to a local lab.  Got the scan done, then a few weeks later, got the bill.  Now normally, our portion would be somewhere in the neighborhood of $75 to $150 dollars.  This one wasn’t; it was for about $430. 

Ok, why?  First, called HR at wife unit’s employer to see if the plan had changed (we had to re-file who was covered), answer, nope. Then call insurance provider.  Was told the lab was out of network and while wife unit had met her personal deductible, she had not met her out of network deductible.  Was about to write a check for the bill, but then made a call to the lab and explained the situation. Was told the lab IS in network!  And told further they’d look into the bill and get back to me.

As I said, stuff like this seems to be a cry for ‘regulate, me, oh regulate me some more, please!’

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One Response to And One wonders Why the Government Tries to “fix” things?

  1. Yup, an excellent example against government intervention and regulation. I advocate government out of our lives. Sadly, most of America didn’t agree with me in the vote of 2008 …

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