Errrrr, Thanks

One product, besides that amazing comment by that Japanese woman, about my age, was the offer from another Japanese woman,  to have her husband send me openings from his place of employment. 

Its a nice and appreciated offer, but… this person works for a union…..  and frankly after forced exposure to union ‘solidarity’  and ‘brotherhood’  and getting $40 dollars a month taken out of my early to mid ’70’s part-time paycheck,  working for an orginization, so contrary to my core beliefs is…….

Theer was also a glimmer of light a couple weeks back….there is a place heer which has a rep. office in Nagoya, my second home town I guess (uck).  Salary was ok I guess (6,000,000 yen per year) and wife unit would have been delighted to go back.  Me, it was appealing, just I would have had to make a decision to be that far away from son. But all came to naught; learned the job will now be filled in fall of 2011, and I certainly cannot wait that long.

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2 Responses to Errrrr, Thanks

  1. It feels like a reverse “Godfather” Every time one thinks he’s got it, they pull it away…

    As for unions, I am currently in a union job myself, and although I share most of your misgivings (having personnally experienced the minute amount of help they can provide vs the money one pours into them), I have to admit that they do have some redeeming qualities… Or maybe it stems from the fact that the employer itself is just a few floors above the Seventh Level of Dante’s Inferno…

  2. Unions do have a purpose, to keep employers in check, although I think that time has passed. What I found objectionable in my case was the union I belong to did nothing but serve up self-serving, needlessly confrontational and misleading crap to its captive audience, to show its dubious validity.

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