My Day Has Been Made!

This morning wife unit and I trundled off to a yearly bazaar held by a local Japanese support group- this year inconveniently (for us) in Mclean.  Grumbled as I always do about why I have to drive there and wait as there’s not much there I that interests me, but…..

Arrive a bit early, park, wife unit gets out and spots a Japanese woman she knows with hubby about 15 yards or so away. I stay in the car behind the wheel.

The women yak for a bit and then the woman wife unit is talking to points in my direction and I can hear


Could not believe my freakin’ ears!  Got out a couple of minutes later and asked wife unit if I had heard what I thought I heard and am told.


But boy talking about making it all worthwhile!

Wife unit I am sure was not amused.

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