Rhetorical Question for Friday

The passive voice.

 I’ve noticed word processing programs don’t like it  and will flag it as does the WP pre-post check function, and I wonder why.

Depending on the idea/concept one wishes to covey in writing, a writer cannot avoid use of the passive voice; or do I need a refresher writing course at this stage of my life?

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4 Responses to Rhetorical Question for Friday

  1. There’s long been the view that active voice is the preferred. It is not always the case. This is one of many reasons I do not rely on software except for spell-check and even that can be wrong or limited.

    • Oh yes, definitely. Remember a side-splitting funny one from my days of employment. Like many industries, the automotive industry created trade associations and one trade association would as a service to its members, send out daily mailings of items or interest or importance.

      One such was to let all know of an upcoming, public government meeting. Well that isn’t what the cover sheet on the mailing said. It said it was a ‘pubic’ meeting.

      OMG, huh?

  2. Gotta, errr, hand it to the Japanese, they’re nowhere nearly as puritanical as Americans!

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